Trump Shifts His Focus To Mexican And Canadian Trade Deals

During the election campaign, Donald Trump had promised that he would make serious changes to the NAFTA deal when he becomes the president. One after another, Trump has started issuing executive orders for the promises made during his campaigns. His order to build a wall across the US-Mexico border and ban on Muslim immigrants from seven countries has raised serious concerns among the lawmakers and public. Now, Donald Trump has commented that the existing NAFTA deal is a catastrophe to Americans. He said that he wants to speed up the talks to replace or renegotiate the deal.

Trump discussed with the Democrats and Republicans of the Finance and House Ways and means committees about the need to rework the NAFTA deal that was drafted in the 1990s. He claimed that the deal encourages various companies to leave America and take the jobs out of the country. He wanted to even rename the NAFTA deal with an extra F meaning that the deal should be fair and free. He reiterated his opinion that the NAFTA deal is not fair for the American companies and American workers.

Senator Orrin Hatch agreed with Donald Trump that the NAFTA deal must be updated as it is two decades old. He commented that the deal should be modified meeting the demands of the global economy in the 21st century. The White House must consult with the Congress on changing major policies as the US Constitution bestows Congress with the authority over tariffs. Mexico has also announced that it has started the 90-day clock to discuss NAFTA trade deal.

Trump’s attitude towards Mexico has not been amicable ever since he became the president. He wanted Mexico to pay for a highly expensive border wall. He said that the bad hombres of Mexico will be dealt with US troops. The Mexican president canceled his meeting with Trump recently as he said that the meeting won’t be fruitful anyway. Mexico has also refused to pay for the wall.

Wilbur Ross is the President’s nominee to head the Commerce department. Trump has remarked that Ross is one of the great people of the Wall Street. When his nomination is confirmed, Ross will represent the country during the trade negotiations. According to the US Law, the Congress will take 90 days to review NAFTA trade deal before it is officially signed.

Trump is also hinting that he wants to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This move can immediately make the 12-nation deal invalid. Experts argue that Trump encourages Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to start a bilateral deal replacing NAFTA and excluding Mexico from the deal. Recently, Trump has cleared construction of Keystone XL oil pipeline that connects Alberta oil sands and the United States. This was one of the oil patch approvals that Canada was waiting for a long time. The pipeline would ensure that Canada remains unaffected with respect to oil even if there is a trade dispute with the USA. Canadian Prime Minister is also criticized by his people regarding his position on oil sands and carbon-pricing plan.