President Of Uber Quits The Firm Adding To The Worries

Jeff Jones, the President of Uber has announced that he is quitting the firm. He joined Uber less than a year ago. He is a No.2 executive in the company and his resignation is an indication that Uber is not far from controversies. Previously, Travis Kalanick had announced that he is looking for a COO to ensure that Uber tackles controversies in a better manner. Jeff has mentioned in his statement that the values he cherishes are not consistent with his experience at Uber. He even made it public before making it official at Uber.

While some assume that Jones made his decision to quit because of a new COO, reliable industry sources reveal that Jones didn’t sign up for so many controversies. The situation at Uber was problematic than he realized. He had joined just six months ago from Target. Jones served as a reputable CMO at Target and he was hired to set the tainted image of Uber right. He was appointed as the president of the ride-sharing business of Uber. He was always considered as someone who doesn’t like a lot of controversies.

Jones was interested in reaching out to the drivers of Uber to improve the ride-sharing business. In February, Jones received several distraught comments and complaints when he started a question and answer session. A former female engineer of Uber published a blog post telling about a dysfunctional management and it went viral.

Uber has been constantly mixed up in numerous controversies. The engineering head of Uber was accused of sexual harassment and was fired later. The head of product was also fired due to objectionable sexual behavior at a company event. Kalanick’s fight with the Uber driver also created controversies for which he issued an apology later.

Uber had been losing its top leaders in the past few months. The Vice President of Maps and Business Platform had announced that he will quit Uber to explore politics. The VP of Product and Growth also left the company in March. A security researcher also quit the company in the same month.

These leaders decided to quit Uber at the same time the Greyball controversy surfaced. With Greyball, Uber was successfully thwarting authorities from taking the cab in areas where Uber’s actions were monitored. Following the huge controversy, Uber declared that it will no longer use Greyball.

Uber is facing a turmoil with numerous scandals attacking the company from various ends. The sexual harassment allegations came to spotlight when the former woman engineer blogged about institutional sexism. The leadership practices were challenged and the viral video of Kalanick hurling abuses at the driver didn’t help. The #DeleteUber boycott was also popular on social media for Uber’s cheap tactics amidst immigration ban chaos.

Industry sources comment that more people will leave Uber sooner rather than later as bonuses were issued based on employee reviews. Uber’s search for a new COO is more important than ever because the company had been receiving bad publicity from the start of the year.